The mandate of the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre is to enhance the lives of Brockville and area residents 50 years old and over, by providing, in a friendly and welcoming environment, affordable programs and activities that will keep them mentally and physically active. We are not affiliated with Wall Street United Church. We rent use of the gym and other rooms at the church location for our activities and programs.

We are a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization and are a registered charity.  We receive no government funding but rely on an annual donation from the Shepherd’s Centre (Brockville) Foundation and participant fees.

Further detailed information on our organization is available from the Who Are We? dropdown menu above.

Below in reverse chronological order, newest on top, are quick news updates to various happenings and information related to the our organization. We hope you find them useful.

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Our Centre has been offered the opportunity of hosting, on March 21 or March 22, one of two, or both, of the following one hour seminars on financial topics specially geared towards older adults.

These are:

Get Your $ – Understanding Ontario’s Tax Credits and Benefits for Seniors


Overview of Ontario’s Estate Administration Tax

The speaker is from the Ontario Ministry of Finance. Each seminar usually requires an hour to present, and numerous educational handouts are provided at both.

A minimum of 35 attendees are required to warrant the visit by our guest speaker. For that reason, we are conducting an online poll to garner the level of interest in such a session.

We invite you to access the poll by clicking here. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Two other local organizations have upcoming events that might be of interest to our members.

The first is a special Income Tax Return Preparation program sponsored by the local Volunteer Centre.

The other is a symposium on Dementia Care under the auspices of the Alzheimer’s Society of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville.

Under a new Links dropdown menu above, we have added links to the websites of each of these organizations. You may find details of the events by accessing these links.


Our office recently circulated to the membership at large an email with an attachment summarizing the flexible policy currently in place. The summary included a chart outlining the option selected for implementation by our leaders for their individual programs.

For your convenience and reference, we have also posted this summary, together with a copy of the full policy, under the new dropdown menu Class Cancellation Policy in the main navigation bar above.


Due to the icy and dangerous conditions, Wall Street United Church will be closed until noon today Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018.

We have now implemented the promised new website address. This, like our recent email address change, was made to better reflect our new name.

Effective immediately, to access our website please change your bookmarks and/or favourites to show the address www.fiftyplusbrockville.ca.

For a limited time only, if you should in error use the old address of www.swcbrockville.ca, you will be redirected to www.fiftyplusbrockville.ca. In this instance, swcbrockville.ca will show in your address bar and on your search page but you will be linked to the fiftyplusbrockville.ca page.

We have checked the majority of the website links and they all seem to function correctly. However, if you should come across a link or other item that is not functioning correctly, please let us know.

Tony Dunbar, Webmaster

Our numbers cruncher, treasurer Ralph Greenhalgh, has prepared a summary of the number of signups at our Jan 10 Open House at the Legion:

  • Participants including leaders: 327
  • New (included in the above): 67


A reminder that if you missed registering for a class at our Open House on Jan 10, you do have the option of registering at the AC Office at Wall Street Church, on the third floor. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 12 noon.

Registration is of course subject to there still being room in your choice of class. Our classes all have a set maximum enrollment based on size of the venue and practicality from a teaching perspective.
Office: 613-345-2412
Email: fiftyplus@myhighspeed.ca

All classes will start at the scheduled designated venue and on the designated day, the week of January 15.
We are happy to announce that this will now include Euchre on Monday January 15 in the Mezzanine at Wall Street United Church.

Exceptions to the above are:
Bridge – Thursday Jan 25
Spanish- Wednesday, Feb. 07th

Of course the Book Clubs will follow the monthly schedule outlined in the Activities Schedule.

Plans to introduce Nordic Walking are still under development. The TI Mall was originally to be the venue, but of course all our use of the mall was curtailed with its sale to a new group.

Yes, indeed that was quite an Open House at the Legion on Jan 10. We certainly are a popular organization!
Thanks to all involved in the organization of the event and also to our leaders and volunteers for their generous contributions. And thanks to you our members who showed up in such numbers.

We realize there were some logjams and frustrations. We heard on the day itself, and have subsequently received in reply to the request of President Cheryl Nix, some thoughtful and valuable suggestions as how to improve the overall process. We thank you for those and we assure you each suggestion will be evaluated and discussed and considered for implementation by the board.

As previously indicated, the forms and other documents related to the Weds Jan 10 Open House are now posted and available from the dropdown menus above.

Note: It was brought to our attention that there was an error in the class time shown on the original posted schedule for Pickle Ball on Weds. It should have been 1 to 3 pm and not 10 – 12am as shown.  We have now posted a corrected version. Apologies for the error.

We have also posted a Registration Procedure which outlines the various steps in the process and references the various documents involved.

To view this procedure please Click Here.

UPDATE at 11:45 pm
The Schedule, and the Waiver and Registration forms are now posted and available for printing.
Thank you for your patience
President Cheryl Nix, Office Manager Marian Rafferty, and Activity Director Bill Carlyle have been extremely busy in some hectic last minute scrambling to acquire alternative sites to the Thousand Islands Mall, used for a number of years now for some of our activities: Art Studios, Chair Yoga, Book Club.

As late as Friday evening last, we were informed that all our contracts for use of the Community Rooms in the Mall  were cancelled. This was due to the sale of the Mall to new owners.

This news meant our already carefully prepared schedule and forms had to be scrapped, new potential sites sought and confirmed and the various documents updated accordingly.

Just now (2pm Monday), Cheryl Nix is back from a visit, with Art Studio leader Janet Sutcliffe,  to the Royal Brock residence, and, based on their very favourable review, we will use a room there for our Art Studio.

So, please bear with us as we proceed with this rather unsettling process for all volunteer personnel involved.

We hope to post the final version of the documents to the website by Tuesday morning latest. They will certainly be available in time for printing prior to Open House on Wednesday Jan 10.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

AC Board
Monday January 8.

Effective immediately we have changed our contact or office email address from swcadmin@myhighspeed.ca to fiftyplus@myhighspeed.ca

The change is to reflect our overall organization name change from The Shepherd’s Welcome Centre to the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre. Please make the change in your address listings.

Understandably, for some time we are likely to be contacted by members and others continuing to use the old swcadmin@myhighspeed.ca email address.

Don’t worry, these emails will be automatically forwarded to our office and into the fiftyplus inbox. The system will also generate an auto-reply to the sender, with a reminder to update their address book to the new fiftyplus@myhighspeed.ca.

Don’t hesitate to call or contact the office if you are experiencing any problems or difficulties with the change. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

We are also currently working on a change to our website address to again better reflect our new name. The technical issues involved are fairly complex but we hope to be able to implement the change very soon. We will of course inform you of the date the change goes into effect and advise of the new web address.


Preparations are underway for our Registration/Open House at the Brockville Legion on Park Street from 9:30 to 11:30 am on Weds January 10. Please note the office will not be open for regular business until the following day, Thurs Jan 11.

The activity schedule for the second semester has been drafted by Bill Carlyle and will shortly be finalized and posted to the website. There are a number of new items included: Euchre (pending identification of a volunteer to lead the group), Mosaic Art and Nordic Walking. Further details to follow.

Our volunteer office staff, under the capable management of Marian Rafferty, and our treasurer Ralph Greenhalgh, are busy preparing the final schedule and the various forms, registration and waiver, etc., needed for the Open House. Once finalized,these will be posted to the website and made available via email, etc.

We also plan to post a general guide that outlines the process to be followed by participants for registration so that everything runs smoothly.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we get caught up after the busy holiday period.

Again, all the best to everyone as we set out together on a new year and a new semester.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. From the AC Board and Office Staff.
Be safe and see you all in January 2018.


The date has been set for registration for AC second semester activities.

Date: Wednesday, January 10
Venue: Brockville Legion, Park Street
Time: 9:30 to 11:30am

This is by way of a preliminary notice only, to allow you to mark your calendars. As always there is no preregistration prior to Open House.


The proposal of the specially convened taskforce that examined current AC policy with regard to class cancellations due to inclement weather was adopted by the board of directors at their meeting of Nov 7, 2017.

The key recommendation was the adoption of a flexible approach, with a number of different options available.

No longer will cancellation of school buses mean cancellation of all classes across the board.

Other additional options are now available, with the particular option in force being the choice of the class leader. The leader will of course make their choice known to class members and members will be expected to adhere to this guideline.

Please note that no longer will notices be sent out from the AC office regarding weather related cancellations. Also, Wall Street United Church reserves the right to remain closed if conditions on the premises pose a threat to our members.

The policy in full may be accessed by clicking here. In addition, the right sidebar contains the contact information regarding the status of school bus cancellations to be used as needed.

Thanks are due to the taskforce members: Bill Carlyle, John Bonser, Carron Szabo and Tony Dunbar for their work.

Contact Us
5 Wall Street, Brockville, ON K6V 4R8
Office Hours: 10 am – 12 noon; Monday-Thursday
September through May
Email: fiftyplus@myhighspeed.ca
Form: Contact Form
Phone: 613-345-2412

Winter Weather Class Cancellations

The key contact information regarding school bus cancellations is as follows:

  • Phone: 1-866-629-0629
  • Website: Student Transportation Eastern Ontario www.steo.ca
  • Radio: CFJR: 104.9; CBC Ottawa: 91.5

The impact, or not, of school bus cancellation on AC class cancellation is a function of the policy option adopted by individual class leaders.

The policy in full may be accessed by clicking here