A Second Book Club?

The current SWC Book Club developed as follows:

Finding a Meeting Place:  Bill Carlyle, a Board Member, arranged the place in which the book club could meet.

Book Club Leader’s Role:

    • She initiated discussion regarding the format of the book club, listing preferences given by the group. A guide that was provided by the library was used for this purpose.
    • She gave each participant a copy of the list of book choices available in packages of 10 available at the library. The participants then selected the first few books, along with a preferred order in which the group wanted to read them.
    • The leader took the list to the librarian and together they arranged for the books to be made available to the group.
    • She took attendance and reported it to the SWC office.

The Participant’s Role:

Read the book…if possible and if you like it:

Take a turn at leading the discussion. If you can read…you can lead. The library’s Book Club packages contain a very detailed guide on how to lead the discussion, a biography of the author and questions for discussion. A person can opt out of leading a discussion if desired.The Book Club has branched out from the library’s prepackaged book selections. They create their own list and give their selections to the librarian (well in advance of need) and she orders them through the inter-library loan system.

Last year the SWC Book Club organized a trip to see a play that was based on a book that they had read. Another such trip has been arranged for September.

In the second year the SWC Book Club decided to have co-leaders. Two people share the leader’s role.

Running and attending a book club is not a difficult thing to do, but it IS an interesting and fun thing to do.  If interested in being a leader…please email your name to the SWC office today.  Thanks.

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