AGM Report 2015

The SWC Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Thursday May 7th in the Community Room at the 1000 Islands Mall on Parkedale Avenue, Brockville. There was a total of 26 in attendance.

In addition to the AGM for the Shepherd’s Welcome Centre, as is customary the AGM for the Shepherd’s Centre Foundation was also held, under the direction of Foundation chairperson Tim Blake.

The SWC AGM consisted of President Tony Dunbar’s annual report and Treasurer Ralph Greenhalgh’s yearend financial report together with his presentation of the SWC budget for the year April 1, 2015 to March 31 2016. In addition Tony Dunbar gave a brief summary of the goals and outcomes resulting from a number of strategic planning sessions conducted by the board of directors over the year.

The meeting concluded with the election of officers to fill the 3 vacancies left by the 2 resigning directors, Kay Carlson and Laura Papaioannou, together with the additional single recurring vacancy, to bring the number of directors up to the allowed 9.

Three (3) new directors were added by acclamation:

Debby Greffe, Bill Checkley and Bev Nixon. In addition, approval was given to appoint Mike Mannella as an assistant to Activities Director Bill Carlyle.

As a result the board of directors for the upcoming year will be:

Bill Carlyle, Bill Checkley, Tony Dunbar, Ralph Greenhalgh, Debby Greffe, Gail Hanton, Bev Nixon, Cheryl Nix and Marian Rafferty.

In keeping with the SWC constitution and bylaws, the officers and other designated positions for the year will be chosen by and from this group of 9 at the subsequent board of directors meeting on August 4th next.

Thanks to all who organized the AGM and to those who attended.

For detailed minutes of the AGM: Minutes and for the President’s Report: Report


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