AGM Update

The SWC Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Tuesday May 6th at the Masonic Hall, 2815  Parkedale Avenue, Brockville. The 27 attendees were served a light luncheon catered by the Eastern Star before the business part of the meeting commenced.

In addition to the AGM for the Shepherd’s Welcome Centre, as is customary the AGM for the Shepherd’s Centre Foundation was also held, under the direction of Foundation chairperson Tim Blake.

The SWC AGM consisted of President Tony Dunbar’s annual report and Treasurer Ralph Greenhalgh’s yearend financial report together with his presentation of the SWC budget for the year April 1, 2014 to March 31 2015.

The meeting concluded with the election of officers to fill the slots left by those 5 directors completing their 2 year terms of office together with the existing vacancy of 1 director to make up the full board complement of 9.

All 5 of the existing outgoing directors were returned by acclamation and no nominations were made to fill the 9th position.

As a result the board of directors for the upcoming year will remain unchanged:

Kay Carlson, Bill Carlyle, Tony Dunbar, Ralph Greenhalgh, Gail Hanton, Cheryl Nix, Laura Papaioannou and Marian Rafferty.

In keeping with the SWC constitution and bylaws, the officers and other designated positions for the year were chosen by and from this group of 8 at the subsequent board of directors meeting on May 13th. This resulted in an unchanged board in terms of officers and other positions.  For a listing of the current board access the Contact Us page.

Thanks to all who organized the AGM and to those who attended.

Photos courtesy of Maurice Fodey

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