The SWC Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday May 6th at the Masonic Hall, 2815  Parkedale Avenue, phone 613-345-4794. Hall is a small building on the south side of what is in effect the Second Concession. Continue east on Parkedale past Walmart and out past the North Augusta Road intersection.

A light lunch of sandwiches, tea or coffee and dessert will be served at 12 noon with the business portion of the meeting to follow. Tickets at $8 person are available until May 1st from the SWC Office, open Mon-Thurs, 10 to 12 noon. Office phone number is 613-345-2412.

The business portion of the meeting will include various reports on the past year and election of directors for 2014-2016. The AGM of the Shepherd’s Welcome Foundation will also be on the agenda. We are looking forward to a  good turnout, with a minimum of 25 needed to constitute a quorum.


Under the SWC Constitution & By-Laws, the Board shall consist of no fewer than five and no more than nine persons elected from a slate of nominations by the Nominating Committee at the Annual Meeting. Upon election Directors shall hold the office for a two year term. Directors can be re-elected every two years with no limitations.

Current Status of the Board of Directors

Three Directors are returning to complete the second year of their term.

Five Directors are completing their current two year term and have indicated their willingness to serve on the Board again – their names will be put forward at the AGM.

One vacancy on the Board for a two year period from 2014 – 2016.

If you are interested in being a member of the Board, please submit your name in writing to the Nominating Committee (In Care of the Office) as soon as possible.

As well, SWC Participants may present further willing nominees by submitting their names, with the endorsement of two other participants, in writing, to the Nominating Committee (In Care of the Office) at least seven days prior to the Annual meeting. Nominees for the two vacancies will be put forward at the AGM.

If the number of nominees exceeds the number of vacancies, the election of Directors shall be by ballot at the AGM.

Note: Nominees for the Board of Directors do not have to be a participant of the SWC.

We hope you will consider putting your name forward to be a member of the Board of Directors. Your involvement will help the SWC continue to offer activities/programs to seniors as stated in our Mission Statement.

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