Class Closing Dates

We now have first semester closing dates for all our classes:

    • Genealogy: Tues Oct 14th
    • Chair Yoga:  Wed. Nov 26th
    • Camera: Thurs Dec 4th
    • Tai Chi:
      • Mon. Dec 8th (combined Mon. and Tue. class)
      • Fri.  Dec 12th  (Peter Jones class)
    • Badminton:
      • Tues Dec 9th
      • Fri Dec 12th
    • Spanish:  Tues Dec 9th
    • Quilting:  Thurs Dec 11th
    • The Paint Class: Mon. Dec 15th
    • Music Jam Session: Mon. Dec 15th
    • Gentle Mobility Exercise: Mon. Dec 15th
    • Computers Levels 1 and 2: Mon. Dec 15th
    • Low Impact Exercise:
      • Tues Dec 16th
      • Wed. Dec 17th
    • Astronomy: Tues Dec 16th
    • Book Club: Wed. Dec 17th
    • Up for Discussion: Wed. Dec 17th
    • French (all  classes): Thurs Dec 18th
    • Tole Painting: Fri Dec 19th


Updated: 12/10/2014

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