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Activity Description – Jan to May 2014


Group discussions & study about the planets, stars and the galaxies. Each week
a new topic about astronomy is offered.


Game played with own racquet and proper shoes. It is geared to people who have some playing experience.

Book Club

Consists of 10 participants at the Brockville Library that meet once a month. Most members continue from the First Semester.


Bridge is for players that have knowledge of the game.

Camera Club

Group discusses different aspects of photography & picture taking. Seniors learn how to make the best use of their own cameras. They discover the best ways to take great photos.

Computer Class - Level 1

Introduction to computers to learn mouse and cursor functions, open and send emails and use Google for internet information.

Computer Class - Level 2

This class will enhance computer knowledge in: use of email and of Google; opening and sending attachments and uploading photos from your computer to a memory stick to take them to a photo shop to print.

Exercise; Low Impact for Seniors

A fun exercise class offering a good workout. You can go at your own pace. All you need to bring is a bottle of water and a good pair of running shoes.  Always come a half hour early to warm up and meet new friends.

French - Beginners Class

Instruction for Basic French and beyond. Medium sized 3-ring binder, dividers and a pen required for this class.

French - Intermediate Class

Instruction for Intermediate French conversation & beyond. Medium sized 3-ring binder, dividers and a pen required for this class.

French Conversation Class

Sharing French conversation with other students.

Friendship & Games

Seniors who enjoy playing Euchre, Dominos & board games.


Course will instruct participants on basic genealogical sources & techniques. Sources such as vital statistics, census data, land records, cemetery & church records for example will be covered. Computer research for genealogical records will help discover your ancestors from the United Empire Loyalist to establish a connection to ancestors who came to Canada.

Middle Eastern Dance

A fun type of exercise dancing to music sometimes referred to as belly dancing. Seniors have fun as they move to music.

Music Jam Session

The group has beginners as well as seasoned musicians. They use a guitar, banjo, fiddle, drums, keyboard, mandolin and a harmonica. They share an interest in music as they sit in a circle where everyone gets a chance to lead a song, if they want to do so. There are between four to twelve participants typically.

Quilting Class

Students need a rotary cutter, cutting mat, quilter's ruler, scissors, pencil for fabric and a good sewing machine. The class decides which projects they will be working on.

Tai Chi  - Beginners

This involves gentle bends, stretches and twists to improve seniors well-being in a gentle activity that teaches Taoist style 108 Tai Chi moves. Each week 3-4 moves are taught for beginners.

Tai Chi - Level 2

Students who know the 108 Tai Chi set and are ready to perfect the moves for optimum benefit.

Tai Chi Practice

This class is a practice activity with little or no specific instruction. Extra time to gain experience with Tai Chi moves.

The Painting Class

Participants with a wide range of skill levels will work on their own projects in acrylic and oil (non-toxic products only). Those who use water colours are welcome as well. Class members support one another via critique and encouragement in a friendly atmosphere. If you paint you are welcome to join the group.

Tole Painting

This class is the folk art of decorative painting working on such items as tin & wooden utensils and other objects. The class project for each session is decided by the group.

Up for Discussion

Group selects topics to be discussed each week.

Yoga (Chair)

A gentle form of yoga for seniors with disabilities or health problems. Participants use a chair to stand & sit to support themselves while learning yoga positions, breathing techniques, meditation and ways of relaxation.