Activity Description – Jan to May 2024

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Art Studio (Tuesday)

Participants with a wide range of skill levels will work on their own projects in all painting and drawing mediums (nontoxic).

The class is an art studio in effect with assistance available when needed. Class members support one another via critique and encouragement in a friendly atmosphere. If you paint or draw you are welcome to join the group.

Bring your own supplies. Note limited water colour lessons for the Tuesday group only, can be held if there is interest.

Regular attendance is expected and if more than 3 classes missed in a row without providing a reason to the leader, a participant may lose their space in that activity. There is great importance on Attending if classes are being held on Tuesday for water colourists so not to miss out on new techniques.

Art Studio (Thursday)

Participants who come have a wide range of skill levels. The class is an art studio in effect with assistance available when needed. Each individual brings their own supplies to work on their project whether it be in a painting or drawing medium (non-toxic). Class members support one another with their expertise in a friendly environment. If you like to paint or draw plus learn more techniques, you are welcome to join our group. We encourage regular attendance but if you plan to be away, let the leader know. If a participant misses 3 or more classes in a row without contacting the leader, they may lose their space.

Badminton (Tuesday and Friday)

Badminton provides an excellent opportunity to exercise and socialise. We play doubles so the only risk really is potentially maiming your partner, never intentionally, of course. Players of all levels are welcome. No equipment is needed because there are racquets on loan, but if you have your own, so much the better. Be sure to wear proper shoes that grip, but don’t scuff the floor. As for attendance, keep in mind that regular participation ensures an improved game.

Book Club (3rd Thursday each month)

Please remember leaders are volunteers who are giving their time to teach. Irregular attendance may also have an impact on other class Participants. Members should be respectful of this and plan to attend regularly. If a participant knows they will be missing a number of consecutive classes they are asked to inform the leader ahead of time. Some leaders will ask students to email them if they are unable to attend a class due to sickness, etc. If a participant is absent for periods of time without notification, the leader may assume they are not returning. The leader may therefore choose to inform the participant that they have been removed from their class and replaced with someone on their waiting list. Perspectives and some books just beg to be discussed! The reading list will be developed by the group and the books will be supplied by the public library. Come and share your love of reading with others ‘bookworms’.

Book Club (4th Thursday each month)

Members of the book club share their love of reading when we meet once a month to discuss the current selection.

We are currently reading older books as the library informed us that they are easier to obtain from other libraries. We are discovering some gems we missed when they were first released.

Drumming – West African Beginners (Tuesday)

The beginner class has progressed well since September and this January term will not start out at a completely beginner level. Brand new beginners are advised to start in September. People wishing to join this class need to have some drumming experience or musical background (eg: with another instrument). Participants need to have their own drum. For African Drumming, you need to be committed to skill development and not miss too many classes.

Yes, it is loud but we sure have fun!

Drumming – West African Intermediate (Tuesday)

Using the djembe, we will learn different tones this beautiful instrument can produce. There are many rhythms from West Africa that we will learn along with some wonderful rhythmic patterns. These rhythms will be played in unison as well as layering complementary rhythmic patterns to produce an amazing West African song. The rhythms learned will be from countries such as: Guinea, Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria. Participants must have some experience with drumming. I come with 20 years experience with West African drumming and have worked with both adults and teens (grades 7-12 – “big baNG”). I love to drum and hope to share my passion for drumming with you. Drums will not be provided. Please come with a djembe or let me know if you may need to borrow one (I do have a few, but not many).

Drumming Circle (Monday)

For persons wishing to learn basic djembe drum skills, or expand on existing skills, this drum circle activity is right for you. This drumming class runs like a drum circle with explanation and input from the leader and the participants.

Participants introduce and learn an eclectic spectrum of drum beats. Participants are encouraged to purchase their own drum or if you are just wanting to explore what drumming circle is all about you may borrow one provided by the instructor(s) until you find your rhythm.

Dutch Conversation (Friday)

We are a small group of Dutch heritage with various levels of Dutch language proficiency. We meet weekly in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and we converse in Dutch. Conversation topics vary widely ranging from current affairs to Dutch culture and memories. No Dutch instruction is provided but gentle assistance is offered if welcomed. We take turns bringing a Dutch treat to nibble on while we drink tea or coffee. Participants are welcome to join at any point during the term. Regular attendance is not necessary.

Euchre (Monday)

This popular card game is a playing only session with no formal instruction.

Exercise – Low Impact (Monday)

A fun, 1 hour, exercise class that offers a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes of cardio, with a 5 minute cool down. The second half hour continues with 20 minutes of a variety of endurance and strengthening exercises using weights, bands and balls, finishing up with 5 minutes each of balance and stretches. It is geared towards active adults and you will be challenged but are encouraged to work at your own pace. The program is progressive and for that reason regular attendance is necessary. Please consult with your physician before attending any exercise program. Course Requirements: indoor running shoes (not worn outside), comfortable loose clothing, a bottle of water (strongly advised), bands, balls and light dumbbell weights (optional). Note: There are no floor exercises.

Exercise – Gentle Fit (Tuesday)

This exercise class will be 40 minutes in length offered over the lunch hour, targeting the over 50 crowd who are still working. Any 50+ member, retired or working, can register for this class. The class will cover all the basic elements (cardio, cool down, strengthening and endurance, balance and stretches) as in a 1 hour class with each segment slightly reduced. It is geared towards active adults and you will be challenged but are encouraged to work at your own pace. The program is progressive and for that reason regular attendance is necessary. Please consult with your physician before attending any exercise program. Course Requirements: indoor running shoes (not worn outside), comfortable loose clothing, a bottle of water (strongly advised), bands, balls and light dumbbell weights (optional).

Note: There are no floor exercises.

Exercise – Fit Over Fifty (Wednesday, Friday)

This seniors low impact exercise program is geared towards physically active adults and offers a moderate to intense cardio workout followed by balance and strengthening exercises. Participants will be challenged but are encouraged to go at their own pace. The program is progressive and builds in intensity with the goal to improve and enhance strength and flexibility. There are no floor exercises. These classes are usually full with a wait-lists. Participants are expected to attend regularly, arrive on time, and not leave the class early. If unable to attend on a regular basis, then please officially withdraw from the class by notifying the instructor and/or the office. Frequent or prolonged absences may result in removal from the class. This will be at the discretion of the instructor.

What you Need: indoor running shoes (not worn outside, embedded pebbles damage the floor and may cause you to slip), comfortable and light loose clothing (we move a lot) bottled water, tea towel (used occasionally), and 1, 2 or 3lb dumbbell weights (recommended but optional, can be purchased for under $10).

French – Introduction (Wednesday)

The introduction to French class has no prerequisites. If you want to learn French, you need a positive approach, patience and willingness to try something new. In this class, we learn vocabulary, we speak, read and write short sentences. We sing, we laugh and we have fun.

French – Basic (Wednesday)

In this introductory course, students will develop basic French language skills by building a rapport with their instructor and classmates and becoming more at ease with a second language. Course content will include vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, simple conversation, basic writing and reading lessons. Such a varied exploration of the

French language will allow each student to better understand and appreciate its virtues. Prerequisite: Limited understanding of the French language. Key to success: Being open to learning something new and experiencing the beauty of the language.

French – Advanced as a Second Language (Wednesday)

Created to help you speak, read and write in French, using practical strategies to improve any conversation. You will have input into the direction of the course to help answer your individual needs. This course will be based on thetheory that in order to learn a language, you need to speak it, listen to it, read it, and revise it. Different tasks will come together and give you an effective learning experience, including mini grammar lessons and authentic conversational situations. Prerequisite: a good understanding and frequent use of the French language.

French – Intermediate (Wednesday)

Improve your fluency by speaking French in a relaxed atmosphere that builds your vocabulary and conversational skills in an interactive setting that’s relaxed and fun! Conversational French includes both structured discussion such as current events as well as spontaneous conversation.

Guitar – Beginners (Tuesday)

If you have always wanted to strum the guitar and play a few tunes, this may be for you. This class is for beginners – people that have wanted to play and never tried or maybe tried years ago. If you are considering lessons keep in mind you have to spend time practicing every day otherwise you cannot progress. So if you cannot find at least 15 minutes/day to practice then please don’t take a space someone else more serious would enjoy. We start slow and work our way up to a few songs. Our first class will be tuning, then learning some picking and strumming. This is a light hearted class and we will keep it fun while building up calluses. You will need to purchase a tuner which runs around $15. I would recommend borrowing or renting a guitar at first. Check out (Musical Instrument Rentals | Canada’s Music Store | Canadian Source for Instruments Online | All You Need Music) or Long and McQuade (Kingston or Ottawa) who rents and if you decide to buy, will take off the rent paid. Purchasing can be Expensive and if it does not work out you’re not out much. Mr. C’s is a great store if you are looking to buy. You can also try the lending library and if you get lucky, there may be guitars available but no guarantee. This class limit is 8 people.

Guitar – Beginner Plus (Tuesday)

This workshop is for those who are already able to play a number of chords. The objective is to have fun and improve your ability to perform songs; practice a variety of strumming techniques and for those that are interested in the ability to play using the finger-style method i.e., Travis picking. Music stands are available but if you have your own please bring it. A capo and guitar tuner will also be needed. There will be very short instructions on how chords are formed to help you to remember them and the chromatic scale to assist in barred chord formation and the transposition of songs.

Guitar – Acoustic Intermediate (Wednesday)

This activity will enable intermediate level guitar players to improve their playing skills. It is based on players sharing their knowledge and skills, to develop and polish songs. With input from your peers, the group aims to include workshop topics such as: intros and outros to songs, tempo and strumming patterns, down strokes and upstrokes, choosing the right key for your voice, finding the start note, chord shapes and chord changing using ‘anchor’ fingers, bass runs, and simple finger picking. Group members are encouraged to present information on music related topics e.g. bar chords, the chromatic scale and transposing. They are also encouraged to bring 1-3 songs they are working on each week. We use a shared Google Drive folder to upload pdfs of our chosen songs for members to follow. We often repeat songs from week to week.

Harmonica – Beginners/Advanced Beginners (Wednesday)

Learn blues harmonica by playing blues riffs, chord rhythms, songs, basslines, and improvising through call and response. Participants learn to play by listening and singing. Reading music is NOT used. Each member will bring a notebook and their own key of C diatonic harmonica. Members will receive audio clips and class documents as email attachments or as items to download. They will also listen to YouTube videos by using links in emails. A metronome, and software to slow down music playback are both strongly recommended for learning and practice, but not required. Purchasing a key of C diatonic harp which costs between $50 to $90 is recommended. Less expensive harps will generally have quality issues that affect the response of the reeds. The instructor will provide the required specifications for the harmonica and recommended brands.

Line Dancing (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Line Dancing is a fun way to stay active. The hour long classes challenge your mental focus and give you a fairly strenuous workout. Dancing requires quick foot movements and abrupt changes in direction so participants need good balance and mobility. These classes are designed to build your dance skills and regular participation is required

if you expect to progress along with the rest of the class. We dance to a variety of music – country, rock, blues, and more. All you need is a clean pair of non-scuffing, indoor shoes, a bottle of water and a smile! There are three levels of classes:

Beginner: This introductory class focusses on helping you master the basic steps as you learn several dances throughout the term. We aim to build the skills of both our new registrants and returning dancers for a fun dance experience together. You usually see the same dances from week to week so you get lots of practice.

Advanced Beginner: This class is aimed at dancers who have line dance experience at the beginner level and know the basic steps. As we focus on expanding your skills, the dances become more difficult. Also, the number of dances increases, so there is less repetition from week to week.

Intermediate: This class is for very experienced line dancers. While you may not know the dances, you are expected to know the various line dance steps and be able to follow high-level instructions. The list of dances we do is quite long, so you will not see the same ones every week.

Mahjong (Tuesday) (Registration closed for Winter Semester)

Mahjong is a tile-based game of skill, strategy and luck. It was developed in China in the 19th century and is now played in most countries around the world. There are many regional variations. We play the Hong Kong version of Mahjong. Mahjong has similarities to the card game Gin Rummy; it is not the same as the online Mahjong solitaire game! Mahjong tile sets are provided by Brockville 50+. The leaders expect participants to arrive 15 minutes early to help set up, and to stay to play for the entire game unless they have made prior arrangements with the leaders. For the winter 2024 semester, registration in the Mahjong class has been restricted to those players who completed the 50+ how-to-play Mahjong class in the fall of 2023. This is not a drop-in class; participants must plan to attend weekly as much as possible.

Mosaic Art (Monday)

Mosaics is the decorative art of creating pictures and designs on a surface, by setting small pieces of china, coloured/stained glass, ceramic or other materials (ex. metals, jewelry, etc) in a bed of adhesive and then grouting and finishing the piece. Participants learn how to create mosaic art projects of their choice. Your project could be a simple trivet, a wall hanging, garden art, glass on glass mosaic, etc! Whether interior or exterior projects, the choices are endless. Lots of instruction on design, materials and colour choices is provided weekly to those new to this art form, as well as glass and china cutting skills and techniques. Help from group members who are experienced in making mosaics and sharing of ideas is invaluable. Beginners to very experienced Mosaic lovers share ideas and techniques. Very few mosaic tools are needed to get started, and are available to borrow. We recommend that you purchase tools gradually. A list of recommended tools and supplies and where to obtain them is provided by the leader at registration. A full set of tools can cost between $40-$100, depending on the type of mosaics you like, and the style you develop. Thrift stores or flea markets are ideal to purchase China plates. If working in stained glass costs can vary depending on size purchased but tends to be more expensive than dishes. Regular attendance is especially important during the first month when training is provided for new members with little to no experience.

Music Jam (Wednesday)

The group is a mix of beginners to well seasoned musicians that like to get together and play. Players come with a mix of equipment including guitar, banjo, fiddle, drums, keyboard, mandolin and a harmonica. Musicians share an interest in playing as they sit in a circle where everyone gets a chance to lead a song, if they want to do so. The session is laid back and the musicians can come and go as fits their schedule.

Photography – Everyday (Friday)

Whether you’re vacationing abroad, or spending a quiet weekend in your own back-yard, this course will help you develop a critical eye and (hopefully) improve your photography. Participants are encouraged to bring their own images (on a memory stick), and through instructor-led critiques and discussions, look at effective composition, the basics of colour theory, and how to successfully employ a variety of photographic techniques to best capture images.

Please note that cameras are not discussed, except in general terms, but group members will often trade information about equipment, photo opportunities, locations, subjects, and much more. There’s no structure to the course as it very much depends on what participants are interested in.

Pickleball (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

This game has been described as a cross between badminton, tennis and table tennis, requiring a low net, paddles and a light ball about the size of a baseball. It is played in pairs on a court that is a bit smaller than a tennis court.

Brockville 50+ pickleball classes are a non-competitive playing environment. Emphasis is on extending rallies and promoting equitable court time and a positive pickleball experience for all participants. We understand that there will always be new members taking up the sport for the first time, but there is a physical nature to it that people need to be aware of. If you are struggling at times with your balance, you may get hurt. All levels of experience are welcome, pairs combine new and experienced players and some training/teaching is provided. There are several rackets that participants can borrow. To ensure safe playing, it is extremely important to wear proper court shoes and to be aware of safe practices when playing. It is also recommended that players wear safety glasses. Please review the safety tips from this link and be prepared to play safely. A moderate level of speed, agility and endurance is required. As we continue to grow the game with our members, some of them are getting more competitive and enjoy the challenges.

Quilting Class (Wednesday)

Our quilting group welcomes anyone with an interest in, and basic understanding of, or familiarity with, sewing. We work on our own projects, and learn new block patterns. One week of the month we make quilt-as-you-go blocks which are put together to create charity quilts. To participate you need your own sewing machine, rotary cutter, quilter’s ruler, scissors, fabric pencil, and pins. Please come join us!

Sign Language – Beginner Conversational (Thursday)

This course focuses on building the basic foundation for communicating in ASL. This includes, learning numbers and the alphabet, proper use of gestures and expression in communication, a peek into Deaf culture, and essential signs.

Spanish – Conversation Beginners (Thursday)

Hablas un poco de español? This 10-week course is designed to meet the needs of learners who have already taken an introductory Spanish course and/or picked up some conversational skills through their travels. It will provide the opportunity to build vocabulary, learn some commonly-used present tense verbs, ask and respond to questions, and listen for verbal cues, all within the context of travel experiences. Each lesson builds on the previous one, so regular attendance is important. Handouts of the lessons are provided in class. A notebook, pen and three-ring binder to store handouts are recommended. Access to the internet to watch recommended videos would be helpful. Join us to practice your skills, share your travel experiences, share some laughs and add to your knowledge of the beautiful Spanish language. If you’re not sure whether this level is appropriate for you, please come for a chat on registration day. ¡NOS VEMOS PRONTO!

Spanish – Conversation Intermediate (Thursday)

Spanish Conversation is an opportunity to practice speaking, listening to and understanding spoken Spanish. This is a peer support group with a leader, not a formal teacher. As peers we all provide guidance, assist with vocabulary and grammar and encourage members confidence and ability to speak and hear Spanish. We started with 5 people at a beginner level and are now at over 20 people mostly at an intermediate level though people with a high beginner level have also participated. While the class participant number is high, the informal structure enables people to participate as they can, which isn’t every week for some members. As a result, the group is usually 10 to 20 people.

As people arrive at class they have informal one on one or smaller group discussions exchanging greetings and talking about their week and local events. We use a mix of methods during class to ensure that everyone takes turns speaking. We have written questions the speaker reads and then answers and words which the speaker has to put into sentences. These are often followed by questions from others in the group that turns it into a conversation. We have been fortunate to have people with Spanish as a first language join us and help us with pronunciation and Understanding different terms and words. We invite you to join this group and gain confidence and skills to improve or refresh your Spanish.

Table Tennis (Wednesday)

Table tennis or ping pong is a fun racket sport played on a table sized court using a light hollow ball. Playing begins as singles (2 persons) from 9-10:30 then doubles (4 persons) from 10:30-noon. The 3 playing tables are designated to the various levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and each player depending on their ability and the outcome of their previous game. Chair Table Tennis is also an option for those who have mobility issues or find their legs to be a little wobbly. Come and try table tennis while sitting down. The game is known to help develop hand-eye coordination, fine muscle control and mental focus. Players have time to chat and joke between games so it’s a fun social activity as well. There is no maximum enrollment number and players are free to come and go at their leisure. The only equipment to purchase is a paddle but players can start by using ones available. There is no official training, beginners just have to jump in and give it a try. Members are there to provide support and give suggestions on how to hold the paddle when hitting the ball. The hall is accessed from the north side of the building but if there is mobility issues a wheelchair ramp is located at the front door entrance.

Tai Chi – Beginners (Tuesday)

Beginner Tai Chi involves learning a sequence of moves comprised of 108 movements in addition to some exercises over several months that gradually and gently work to improve balance, strengthen all aspects of the body, promote greater flexibility and reduce tension. This style of Tai Chi is based on the teaching of Mr. Moy Lin-shin, a Taoist monk who came to Canada in 1970. Each week 3-4 moves are taught for beginners. Comfortable clothing and flat soled indoor shoes are all that is required. Regular attendance is encouraged as each week’s lesson is built upon the previous week.

Tai Chi Boost (Thursday)

Tai Chi Boost – Primarily a practice session for those registered in Beginners Tai Chi. Beginners who wish to improve their knowledge and execution of the 108 moves will have an extra day of practice and the opportunity to work with continuing students. This class will benefit anyone trying to improve their Tai Chi moves.

Tai Chi – Continuing (Monday)

Detailed instruction regarding the 108 moves of the Tai Chi set and the basic Foundation exercises will be provided to students who have completed a beginners’ class. Each student will learn at their own pace and all Tai Chi movements can be adapted to accommodate a student’s capability. A willingness to learn and to work diligently in the company of others is all that is required. This style of Tai Chi was developed and adapted to promote good health by Mr. (Master) Moy Lin Shin (1931-1998) a Taoist monk who came to Canada in 1970.

Tai Chi – Practice (Friday)

This class is a practice activity with little or no specific instruction. Usually, 2 or 3 sets of the 108 Tai Chi moves are performed with a short break in between. Sets are usually accompanied by music. Participants must know the 108 moves of the set.

Yoga – Chair (Tuesday, Thursday)

We’ve all noticed as we age we start to lose flexibility and strength which slowly leads towards giving up a lot of the things we love to do. Chair Yoga is an excellent exercise option for seniors of all fitness levels who have joint issues or are unable to stand for long periods of time. While using the chair, we combine proper body movements with breathing techniques to improve flexibility, strength, balance and mental health. Chair yoga is a great foundation for sustaining a healthy body and happy mind. Participants should wear comfortably loose clothing so that they can easily move and stretch.

Yoga – Mat (Monday)

The yoga class will begin with a grounding and calming breath meditation. You will then be led through a gentle class focusing on flowing from pose to pose, and linking the movement with the breath. Participants will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Full-body relaxation and balance are the goals, as we make a full circuit of the body’s range of motion with standing postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, and hip openers. For your comfort and to aid in modifying some postures please bring a yoga mat, blanket, tie/strap, and blocks. A regular men’s tie or bath robe tie can be used, blocks, mats, straps can be purchased at the dollar store for a reasonable cost. Layer your clothing as you will get warm and cool off at the end of class. You may want to bring socks with grippers on the bottom if you are not comfortable with bare feet.

Yoga – Pilates Intermediate (Wednesday)

All your favourite poses, slow and steady. Beginners are welcome; poses have options for different abilities and to accommodate injuries. You should have mobility in your hips, knees and back. This class caters to athletes who want to stretch tight muscles, prevent injuries and increase range of motion as well as to participants who want to become stronger and improve their balance. The format is warm up, sun salutations, balance, core, back, hip openers and relaxation. This is a workout class: you decide how hallenging you want it when you choose your pose option. All poses are on a yoga mat. Bring a yoga mat. You can purchase one online or in a local sports or grocery store for as low as $10. Bare feet are essential to grip the mat. Wear workout clothes, either tight or loose, depending on your preference. Bring a sweater for the relaxation portion at the end. Poses are both demonstrated and orally described while relaxing, ambient music plays in the background. Regular attendance is required. You should not miss more than three classes in a row. Punctuality is expected so that you can properly warm up.

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