Open House Report w. Photos

A very successful Open House was held in the gymnasium of Wall Street United Church on Wednesday, September 10th.  A long line of people formed well in advance of the 9:30 am doors opening. All were eager to go through the registration process for one or more of the activities on offer.

A dedicated team of office and other volunteers were in place to guide them through from the initial filling of forms, to interviews with class leaders and on with their $25 payments to our bank of cashiers.

A total of 304 people registered, 45 of whom were new to the Shepherd’s Welcome Centre (SWC).  This is the highest total for an Open House in recent years.  Registration at the SWC office continues for those classes still with places.

A big thank you to all who made the day such a success: SWC office volunteers and directors, additional volunteers, the refreshments and cashier crews, photographers, etc. And of course a special thank you to those class leaders, and stand-ins, present to consult with and advise potential participants.

We look forward to another rewarding, fun and active semester for all at SWC.


On the right is a Thumbnail Gallery of photos taken by Maurice Fodey and Larry Kowlessar.  Many thanks gentlemen. Click on any one which will take you through a Carousel of the collection. An X in the top left corner will Exit you from the Carousel.

Note: If you wish to have a photo deleted for any reason or a caption changed, please let us know via the Contact Form on the Contact Us  page or via regular email.


Posted: 09/20/2014

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