Parking Update

Our September 2016 newsletter included a piece from Wall St. United Church (WSUC) chair of the board Paul Bullock on the impact of the construction of the new seniors’ complex on parking at the church.

We have had some additional input from Paul (see below) which emphasizes that the project is no longer under the direction of WSUC.  The church, equally with Shepherd’s Welcome Centre, will be negatively impacted by the construction in a general way and in particular in terms of the parking situation.

There have been a number of recent changes to the property around Wall Street United Church. Until recently all the houses surrounding the church on Wall St., James St. and Victoria St. were owned by Wall Street Village. Although this was a separate entity from the church it was managed by members of the church. This allowed the church to have some input on how the property was used. The land has now been deeded to the Marguerita Corporation who also controls two other apartment buildings in the downtown area. As of September 6th they were waiting for the demolition permits from the city. Once the houses start to be demolished there will be some real disruption around the church parking areas.

Wall Street United Church now has no say regarding what happens to the land that the Wall Street Village apartment is being built on. Both the church and the Shepherd’s Welcome Centre will experience the same frustrations. It will take patience on both our parts but eventually the parking situation will be an improvement on what exists now.  (Paul Bullock)

We echo Paul’s words asking for patience all round and pointing out that eventually the parking will be an improvement on what we have now.

Posted: 09/14/2016

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