Peri Howlett: Music Notation Instructor

Let me introduce you to one of our new volunteer leaders, Peri Howlett. Peri, originally from Montreal, spent ten years in BC following university and moved to Brockville in 1988. Her music skills were developed first through piano lessons, to playing the clarinet in her high school band and in the Brockville Concert Band. She also enjoys playing clarinet in RiverWinds, a woodwind quintet and the pennywhistle/tenor recorder in two small Celtic style ensembles. She is also a member of a handbell choir. This semester Peri offered to share her knowledge of music notation to SWC participants. There was no problem finding those who were eager to learn or improve their skills in this area.

Over the years Peri has encountered many adults who find the inability to read music notation keeps them from trying to learn to play a musical instrument, or to sing with a group. She believes that it is never too late to learn something new and so she organized a course to help SWC participants to learn to read music.

When Peri isn’t playing music she volunteers at the Brockville Arts Centre and the Brockville Museum. She is also involved in a variety of sports. Watch out for Peri and her friends this summer as they do their regular swim from Fulford Pt. to Blockhouse Island (9 kms.). She is a woman who knows how to reach her goals. We are delighted that she decided to share her musical skills with us. Peri’s motto is a good one for all of us, “Keep moving, keep learning and follow your heart.”

Compiled by Cheryl Nix; Newsletter Editor

Posted 04/18/2016

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