Planning Ahead

A Second SWC Book Club? During the past two SWC registration days individuals have shown interest in signing up for the SWC Book Club.  As the current group was full, names were taken and put on a wait list.  We would like to create a different end to this story for our September registration day. It would appear that the current SWC Book Club members are enjoying their experience so much that it is anticipated that they will continue as a full group in the fall.  So it looks as if the best option is to start a second SWC Book Club.  If this is to happen, Bill Carlyle requires participant input right away in order to prepare for the fall. If you have ANY possible interest in being in on the ground floor of a second SWC Book Club please read further information on the supplementary page.  If after reading this information you feel that you have an interest in being a book club leader or co-leader, please phone or send an email to the SWC office at

Gentle Mobility Exercise Next semester we will offer a new exercise class to participants.  Eileen Ling will offer a class called Gentle Mobility Exercise.  This fun and fitness exercise class will keep participants physically active in a safe, enjoyable environment.  Chairs and music will be used in these low-intensity exercises.

Walking and Cycling The SWC will be offering Walking and Cycling activities to members during the good weather of the fall semester. Walkers will need comfortable walking shoes and water. All will be welcome; no one will walk alone. Bikers will separate into two groups: those who want a leisurely ride on the bike path, and those who want to ride a more challenging route at a faster pace. Walking and Cycling in the summer: Any member interested in walking or riding during the summer can contact Kay Carlson (342-8551) for information.


Posted: 05/27/2014

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