Registration Procedure Jan 2018

The basic procedure at our Open House will remain as before:

Participants, 50 years old and over, will:

• fill out the registration and waiver forms
• sign up with the leader of their chosen classes
• obtain leader’s initials on the registration form
• pay the required fee (by cash or cheque) for the semester at the payment table

However, we have made some tweaks to our regular registration procedure. These are designed to streamline the overall process and also to ensure all the necessary paperwork is completed by all registrants, the important waiver form in particular.

Registration Paperwork Package:
• Activity Schedule
• Registration Form
• Liability Waiver Form

The above package, needed for registration, will be available both in the waiting area outside of the main Legion Hall and inside the doors.
These documents are also available here on our website for those who wish to print for themselves ahead of time. To access the documents go to the applicable dropdown menu above.

If you print ahead, please come with the 3 documents listed in the package above to replicate what will be available as a hardcopy package at the Legion on Wednesday.

Note: For reference and as an aid in deciding in which program to enroll, there is also on the website, and will be available at the Legion, an Activity Descriptions summary. This gives a very brief description of the scope and aims of each activity together with a listing of any special equipment or other items required by participants.

Waiting Lists:
If you discover that an activity you want to participate in has reached capacity, please have your name put on a waiting list. You will be notified as soon as there is an opening. Also waiting lists sometimes indicate a need for the Board to try to start a second activity in that area if possible.

Fee Structure:
$25 for up to 3 activities. $5 for each additional activity. For example, Pickle Ball 3 times a week + Jam Session = $30 for the semester.
Payment by cash or cheque only. Cheques to be made out to Brockville 50+ Activity Centre.

Liability Waiver Form
It is important that you have a completed Waiver Form before reaching the cashier tables.
If you are registering a spouse or friend who cannot attend in person, please let them know that they are to hand in their completed Liability Waiver to the AC office (3rd floor at Wall St. United Church) on the first day of attending an activity. Waivers will also be available in attendance folders. If your class meets off-site, it can be filled in and put back into the folder.

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