Tai Chi Demonstration

For about 25 years Bob and Orma McDougall have been teaching Tai Chi to area residents including many years at the SWC.  With a high degree of skill and humour Bob has shared this exercise which has a calming meditative flow once learned well.  While not learned quickly (an understatement for sure!), Tai Chi gently moves almost every joint and muscle in one’s body, helping to both lubricate and strengthen them.  As a bonus, especially when done as a group, it has a ballet-like quality. On May 13 Bob and Orma invited everyone who has taken Tai Chi to join them on the Court House lawn to experience the joy of the exercise in the great outdoors. Bob and Orma take a break from teaching until the week following Canada Day when the unofficial group meets for Tai Chi weekly in the gazebo at St. Lawrence Park.  There is no instruction, but anyone who wants to join them is welcome.


Photos Courtesy of Maurice Fodey

Posted: 05/27/2014

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