Board of Directors Duties


  1. The Board shall be responsible for the organization and operation of the 50+ Activity Centre.
  2. Directors shall not have authority as individuals, but only as member of the corporate body.
  3. The Board shall create an Executive Committee consisting of the:-President, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer and at least one other Director. This committee shall have authority to act for the Board in all matters that arise between meetings of the Board.
  4. The Board shall appoint Conveners of Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees.
  5. The Board shall hold at least four meetings during the fiscal year.
  6. A Quorum of the Board shall consist of the President, a Vice President and three other Directors.  In the absence of the President, the remaining Vice President will take the President’s place for a total of at least five Directors.
  7. Board of Director’s Meetings:
    • Directors shall be notified of all Board meetings seven days before the meeting.
    • The minutes of the previous meeting and the agenda for the forthcoming meeting shall be distributed with the above notification.
    • Method of notification shall be at the discretion of the President and the Secretary.
    • In an emergency, the Directors may meet and by a motion duly passed, waive the requirement of seven days notice.
  8. A person may not serve as a convenor of more than one committee of the 50+ Activity Centre concurrently except by Board approval.
  9. At any committee meeting, a majority of committee members shall constitute a Quorum.

Posted: 04/02/2018

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