Strategic Planning

The SWC Board met several times, over the months of April and May, to work on a 5 year Strategic Plan for SWC. The Board has reviewed and/or created SWC Vision, Mission and Core Value statements and has set its goals to work on in the months and years ahead. As a participant who may primarily be interested in the particular course(s) you attend, you may not think such things have an impact on you, but they do. While there are no dramatic changes in directions in the works, a clear strategic plan will give the Board reference points to guide it through future decisions. The entire body of work will be available to all participants on the SWC website once it is completed.

In the meantime, the following is a taste of the things being worked on:

  • Review the adequacy of current processes for recruitment in all areas of SWC operation.
  • Review the systems and processes that promote and support all aspects of SWC program delivery; e.g. support of leaders, space and equipment, class sizes, enrolment and participant experience.
  • Optimize parking facilities provided to SWC participants.
  • Identify new sources and methods of funding.

In the April Newsletter there was an article which requested participant feedback regarding our parking challenges. Many thanks to the ten people who took the time to respond. Continued responses are welcome. As the Board continues to work on the above issues, it will be looking for more participant feedback. This is YOUR activity centre and your suggestions are always needed and valued.


Posted: 05/26/2014

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